A holiday visit to Charleston…

In December, my husband and I traveled to Charleston for a short getaway. It was our first trip to Charleston during the holiday season and it was absolutely amazing. While there, we visited the Charleston Tea Plantation, stopped by the Firefly Distillery, enjoyed visiting Magnolia Plantation and all of its fabulous animals and made our first visit to the Festival of Lights. The following are just a few photos from the trip.
Tea in its original form.
 The Angel Oak on Johns Island is one of the oldest live oaks in the country. The shaded area covered by its foliage measures more than 17,000 square feet.
The Firefly Distillery is home to Firefly, sweet tea flavored vodka.
 Charleston has a somewhat unconventional tree lighting. The “tree” is created by stringing lights from a large pole.
Besides being a beautiful plantation, Magnolia Plantation is also home to amazing gardens and wonderful animals.

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