Flashback Friday: Williamsburg ’09

I had a hard time coming up with a topic for today’s Flashback Friday, but since summer is coming quickly, I thought a previous summer vacation might make for a good feature. A few summers ago, my husband and I visited Williamsburg for a long weekend. I had been to Williamsburg before when I was younger, but I wanted to go back and check it out. Williamsburg is fun, especially for the history, but I do not suggest going there in the heat of the summer. Definitely go early enough where you can still enjoy it. And coincidentally, we ended up spending more time at Jamestown than in the actual colonial area of Williamsburg.

Glass blowing is amazing!

There used to be a place in Williamsburg called President’s Park. It was basically a small museum and some sidewalks adorned with these massive presidential busts. The place itself was also a bust and a major tourist racket charging a gazillion dollars to see these things, but it was listed in those weird Roadside America, world’s largest frying pan type lists. It closed in 2010 and the heads were sold off. Maybe there’s one in a yard near you…


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