A visit to the tulip festival

If I haven’t already mentioned it a thousand times, I love spring. I love everything about it–the warmer temperatures, the blue skies and of course, the flowers. Each spring, I try to visit the tulip festival, a massive field of tulips planted by a man from Holland and his wife. The tulips are organic, which makes them even better, and they’re beyond gorgeous. Hello awesome photo opportunity! I love it! If you ever get the chance, check out Ecotulips and they’re awesome tulip festival. You can find more information at http://www,ecotulips.com and enjoy some photos from this year’s visit to the tulip festival.

IMG_4747 IMG_4751 IMG_4754 IMG_4758 IMG_4764 IMG_4768 IMG_4769 IMG_4773 IMG_4774 IMG_4799 IMG_4810 IMG_4826 IMG_4827


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