Kassey + Daniel

Okay, so I usually don’t deviate from my chronological order when posting, but I just have to share this amazing September wedding that I shot with SSK Photography. The DIY details were on point with a country feel utilizing sunflowers, burlap, teal and lots of special little accents, including items designed by the bride’s sister Ginny, owner of Vintage Virginia. Kassey and Daniel were amazing, right along with their family and friends. You could feel the love they have for each other and their guests as they laughed and danced the night away. Everyone seemed to have an amazing time. Kassey and Daniel, I hope your honeymoon in the Keys was awesome. Congratulations and thanks for letting me capture your big day. And for hundreds more photos from the day, click here.


IMG_2612-001 IMG_2560 IMG_2564 IMG_4201 IMG_4212-001 IMG_2482 IMG_2523 IMG_2949 IMG_3446 IMG_3465 IMG_2666 IMG_2671 IMG_2759 IMG_2860-001 IMG_3273 IMG_2977 IMG_2986 IMG_3002 IMG_3186 IMG_3198 IMG_3233 IMG_4278 IMG_4353 IMG_4558 IMG_3534 IMG_3543-001 IMG_3553 IMG_3559-001 IMG_3630 IMG_3831 IMG_3963 IMG_4100 IMG_4210 IMG_4233 IMG_4239 IMG_4264


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