Sunflowers and raspberries…

A bit of a funny story on these photos: On our way home one afternoon, my husband and I found a gorgeous sunflower field. It was located at one of those pick-your-own-berries operations, so we figured it was fine to visit. We parked our car up near the store, which was open, walked to the sunflowers, took some photos, then walked to the berry patch, and that’s where it went down hill. Soon enough we had the owner out there asking us what we were doing and explaining how “dangerous” it was to walk across the field. Working in a rural county that prides itself on agritourism and bringing people out to the farms, I can admit I was confused, but we apologized, bought a less than stellar pepper at the store and rolled out. It was a bit embarrassing, and I wouldn’t do it again without visiting the store for some permission first, but I did get some great photos.

IMG_9617 IMG_9623 IMG_9626 IMG_9632 IMG_9639 Website26


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