Rhen and Erin’s Downtown Fredericksburg Engagement

I’m so excited for this blog post. Today I bring you a super cute, surprise downtown holiday engagement. I mean, Christmas lights, surprise engagements, jewelry? You really can’t get any better than that, plus I absolutely adore these two. Rhen and Erin first started dating back when they were in high school and now, five years later, they’re students at Virginia Tech with Rhen studying engineering and Erin studying human development. During their holiday break, just a week before Christmas, the two were on their way to a dinner with their families. Walking downtown, they stopped in front of a jewelry store (where Erin’s ring had been designed and purchased) and as she looked at the window display, he dropped down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She was shocked and of course said yes, absolutely beaming.  What had been planned as just a family dinner turned into a celebration. Congratulations Rhen and Erin! Thank you for allowing me to capture this memory for you. I can’t wait to see you start out on this amazing journey together!
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