2013 Fredericksburg Fair

I’ll admit it, I love fairs. It’s not the rides or the food that gets me excited, it’s the animals, the exhibits and the lighting. I always go check out all of the animals first and of course try to convince my husband that we absolutely need the fuzziest, floppiest eared rabbit they have. It hasn’t worked yet, but I’m sure one day it will, or at least that’s what I tell myself. After I’ve picked out my future bunny roommate, it’s on to the exhibits and hopefully by that time it’s getting dark so I can check out the lights. They always make for some great, interesting photos.

IMG_9540 IMG_9544 IMG_9556 IMG_9560 IMG_9565 IMG_9568 IMG_9572 IMG_9593 IMG_9673 IMG_9705 IMG_9727 IMG_9730


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