Nags Head Vacation Highlights

Every year, my husband’s extended family heads to the Outer Banks for a week-long beach vacation. There’s about two dozen of us piled up into one house, ranging in age from just a few months to late-60’s, so things can get fairly interesting at times, but we all love our week-long trip and look forward to it every year. Personally, I love having a solid week of photo opportunities, from birthdays to beach time and water shots to beach fun. Here’s a very small sampling of the 2013 beach trip.

Fotor0421205058 Fotor0421204838Fotor0421204922 IMG_0146 IMG_0149 IMG_0296 Fotor0421205024IMG_0117 IMG_0151 IMG_0329 IMG_9911 IMG_0614 IMG_9976


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