Fall Travels: Old Orchard Beach, ME

I have to say, there’s something about a beach in the off-season that just draws me in. Sure, summer is nice when everything is busy and bright, but I think I prefer the quieter times. I like having the beach all to myself and being able to hear the waves and the birds. I like being able to see it in its natural state, not littered with beach chairs and towels. Visiting Old Orchard Beach in late September gave me just that. I could imagine it in it’s summer state, with the ferris wheel churning out rides and people snacking on various boardwalk food, but I got to see its natural beauty. Plus, my husband and I had the boardwalk all to ourselves, which is nice. A storm was brewing on one side, but it was clear and pretty on the other–both great, photography-wise.

IMG_4986 IMG_4987 IMG_4989 IMG_4994 IMG_4997 IMG_5001Pier comboIMG_5003


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