Valentine’s Day…

I admit it. I love Valentine’s Day. There’s just something nice about people being nice and expressing their love and appreciation for others, whether it be a significant other, their children, their parents, friends, grandparents or anyone else. I just like it. I like seeing the slightly embarrassed man buying a big bouquet of roses at the grocery store or the mother selecting candy for her children in the holiday aisles at Target. It’s sweet and the world can always use more of that. My parents still get me something for Valentine’s Day and always have. I remember as a child how nice it was. It wasn’t much, just a box of chocolate or something, but it still showed they loved me, not that they didn’t show it everyday, but it made me feel loved and everyone should feel that way.

My love for Valentine’s Day is seen throughout my house. Yes, I decorate for Valentine’s Day. I was a little behind this year because of work, so I decorated the night before, but it’ll stay up through the end of the month, so it works out. Then next month I’ll switch it out for St. Patrick’s Day before it’s time to put up the Easter stuff. I’m a holiday fan. What can I say?

IMG_6379IMG_6385towelsIMG_6389IMG_6390Tulips IMG_6395IMG_6396IMG_6403wreaths

Oh and I really like owls if you couldn’t tell and tulips. The ones my husband sent me this year were particularly beautiful. Now if spring would just get here… Happy Valentine’s Day!


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