Happy birthday, Arielle!

Today is my niece’s first birthday! She’s currently the youngest of my five nieces and nephews (three boys and two girls from among my sister and two sister-in-laws), a title that will change this summer when my newest niece is set to arrive. Until then, Arielle is the baby of the family. She celebrated her birthday Sunday with presents and a cake that she wasted no time digging into. Here’s a few photos from the event.

Arielle-1 IMG_9204Arielle-3Arielle-2IMG_9212IMG_9216IMG_9215IMG_9224IMG_9220IMG_9229IMG_9228IMG_9231Arielle-4IMG_9232IMG_9233IMG_9236IMG_9245IMG_9246IMG_9247IMG_9248IMG_9249IMG_9250IMG_9243IMG_9239IMG_9251IMG_9252

Happy birthday Arielle!


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