Snowy Shoot | Ally

Last month, I shared the first part of a gorgeous snowy shoot featuring Emily. Now it’s Ally’s turn.

Ally is the daughter of a local photographer who participated in this impromptu shoot taking advantage of a January snowstorm. She graciously modeled for us in gorgeous gowns not only in the freezing snow, but also on her 17th birthday. She was absolutely beautiful and is beyond photogenic. Plus, I love the way her red hair pops in the golden light streaming through the trees. Gorgeous!

Snow-Ally 1Snow-Ally 2Snow-Ally 3Snow-Ally 4Snow-Ally 5Snow-Ally 6Snow-Ally 7Snow-Ally 8Snow-Ally 9Snow-Ally 10Snow-Ally 11Snow-Ally 12Snow-Ally 13Snow-Ally 14Snow-Ally 15Snow-Ally 16


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