Foodie Friday: Citizen Burger Bar

So tonight, for the first time in weeks, my husband and I went out to dinner at a new (to us) restaurant. With the warm weather and our close proximity to Charlottesville, we decided to try Citizen Burger Bar, which is located in the Downtown Mall area.

20160318_212839Citizen Burger Bar is just what it sounds like–a place to get a burger and a beer, but it’s really more than that. Yes, there’s a large bar with numerous offerings and multiple big screen televisions to watch sports games, a plus for March Madness fans, and yes, there are tons of burger options, but the restaurant also has a strong focus on fresh, local food, which I love. The beef is locally sourced, humanely raised and grass fed with no antibiotics; the cheese is locally sourced; the chicken is free range, vegetable fed; and the bread is locally sourced. You know where everything came from, and with a little research, how it’s made, what it’s fed and more. There’s something to be said about knowing where your food came from.
20160318_210618My husband and I both ordered the chicken sandwich, mine bunless (they do offer gluten free buns as an option) and his with a bun, bacon and an onion ring to boot. Both were good and were paired with an abundance of fries (mine were included in the price, his were an additional $3 or vice versa). With both sandwiches, fries, two specialty beers and a coke, the meal was right around $49 with tip, so a little more than the usual sandwich prices, but to be fair I think one of the beers was $9. I wouldn’t visit all the time, mostly because I’m a cheap date, but it could become an occasional go-to. It was also packed in there tonight, likely because of the March Madness games playing on every screen, so we waited about an hour before being sat and then service was a little lagging from there on. The good thing is they’ll take a number and text you when ready so you can kill some time walking around the mall.

20160318_211012Bottom line, if you’re in Charlottesville (or Clarendon or soon enough Carytown) and you’re looking for a locally sourced burger, it’s worth a visit.


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