Erin + Rhen | Virginia Tech Engagements

You may remember these two from their surprise downtown Fredericksburg engagement last winter. If you don’t, here’s the abbreviated version: these two are an amazing couple who met and first started dating in high school before both enrolling in Virginia Tech where they’ve only grown closer and have built a wonderful life surrounded by a great group of fellow Hokies. They’ll graduate this spring and are planning a gorgeous fall wedding, but before they do all of that, we had to take a few days and celebrate their engagement at the place they call home. Tech is one of the prettiest campuses I’ve ever seen and I was so excited to not only spend the day with these two, whom I adore, but also to capture the beauty that is Virginia Tech.

IMG_2245 RhenErinVT1 RhenErinVT2 IMG_2338 IMG_2349 IMG_2344RhenErinVT4RhenErinVT5IMG_2441IMG_2481IMG_2475IMG_2506IMG_2556IMG_2547IMG_2607IMG_2518RhenErinVT6IMG_2619IMG_2625RhenErinVT3


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